Welcome to Lusitanian Ghosts!

Lusitanian Ghosts head to Sweden in September for the Live at Heart festival in Orebro!

We thank everyone who came out to our debut concert: it was a great evening April 18th at Auditorium Carlos Paredes in Benfica, Lisbon, Portugal. Please check out the BLOG section for concert reviews!

Vinyl gatefold LP with painted artwork by Alexandre Alonso: http://byalexandrealonso.com/

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The Musicians

Lusitanian Ghosts is an artist collective led by Neil Leyton and Micke Ghost, featuring João Sousa on drums, Vasco Ribeiro Casais aka OMIRI on the Braguesa, O Gajo on the Campaniça, Abel Beja on the Terceirense and ethno-musicologist guru Guillermo de Llera on whatever he grabs at any given time. The debut album was recorded at Canoa Studios in Western Portugal, by the sea, and is produced by Ricardo Ferreira.


Lusitanian Ghosts is a musical collective experimenting with regional Portuguese cordophone instruments, some of which have nearly become extinct. The Amarantina, Beiroa, Braguesa, Campaniça, Terceirense, Toeira… they are the real Lusitanian Ghosts.


Lusitanian Ghosts Reviews

Lusitanian Ghosts played their debut live show in Lisbon this past month of April. Here are a couple reviews: Gigwise: https://www.gigwise.com/reviews/3312638/live-review-lusitanian-ghosts-at-auditorio-carlos-paredes-lisbon-18-04-19https://www.gigwise.com/reviews/3312638/live-review-lusitanian-ghosts-at-auditorio-carlos-paredes-lisbon-18-04-19 Ritmoterapia: https://ritmoterapia.blog/2019/04/20/quando-as-vozes-do-alem-se-fazem-ouvir-no-silencio-da-noite/?fbclid=IwAR1tdjV1YTcqH3sWfGrzULy5ciVVcuxTHiAWTcNyTlM9Svapwj7SUFB49XQ And here’s what people are saying about the album: “Past Laurels” is a catchy gem that wouldn’t be out of place on Pulp’s Different Class. – Paste Magazin “You don’t need a …

Lusitanian Ghosts: Limited Edition Art Prints by Alexandre Alonso

The Lusitanian Ghosts’ oil-painted vinyl album cover is ready! Artist Alexandre Alonso, a true music lover and guitar player in his own right has worked throughout the Summer season and into the Fall on this 1,90m x 1,90m canvas of the Lusitanian Ghosts, and is readying a limited edition run of art prints in time …


Lusitanian Ghosts Contacts:

To reach the collective: lusitanianghosts@gmail.com
Press & PR: ines.isabel.pr@lusitanian.pt
Label & Publishing: music@lusitanian.pt

Photo credits: Ricardo Neves Alexandre